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The first thing you'll notice when you put on a Hammer Made is the fit. Our shirts have a tailored fit. Not too tight, but not big and boxy. It's long enough to tuck in, short enough to wear untucked. It's a fit that absolutely fits you and your style.


The right fabric is as much about the feel, as it is the look. We've forged strong relationships with the finest mills in Europe and worldwide to ensure that every Hammer Made shirt feels as great as it looks. Each shirt has the texture, touch, pattern, and color that will make you look and feel great.


Our shirts are made to go where you go. Dress them up or, dress them down. Be completely yourself, and wear them for all the different things you do. A Hammer Made shirt is designed to move and built to last. Just like you.


Our limited-run shirts offer you exclusivity, without elitism. We weave just enough of each fabric to create about 50 shirts of each design, so we can fill the space between the mass-produced millions and the single, custom-made shirt. Which means you'll stand out as unique and brilliant.