Don't Just Wear a Shirt, Wear a Hammer Made!

About Us

You could wear just any shirt…Or you can wear a Hammer Made

Meet our founder, Jason Hammerberg.

Jason Hammerberg has been fostering his love for high-quality menswear since he was a teenager working at a men’s retailer. A fashion industry fixture and unapologetic innovator, he learned early on that the clothes really do make the man.

Something as deceptively simple as finding the perfect shirt can turn a man into the most confident version of himself… and Jason is the go-to guy for that kind of shirt.

Leveraging a lifetime of industry experience, he partnered with Europe’s most respected fabric mills to launch a brand that would deliver on designer quality at an accessible price point. In 2009, Hammer Made was born.

Now we’re inviting you to keep making history with us.

“It’s fun to see guys who typically don’t get excited about clothing get excited about our shirts. I love to hear their stories when they come back and tell me all the compliments they received.”

- Jason Hammerberg, Founder

Never wonder what to wear again.

Our made-you-look shirts aren’t just sartorially superior. They also make getting dressed refreshingly easy.

We favor smart design over passing trends, so your look stays timeless and on-point. Season after season, we make the perfect shirt for every day of the week — and any commitment on your calendar.

A brighter shirt = a better day.

We’re all about that feeling of finding something special. Vivid details, like colorful thread, bright buttons, and contrast accents, add an element of surprise to a foundation of premium quality.

Each limited-run garment is numbered on the label. When you buy one, you’re among the few who will ever own it.

Elevate Your Style


We’re into fine print. Every detail of a Hammer Made shirt is created on purpose, from contrast gussets to a bold button selection.


A “premium shirt” means more than aesthetics. We specialize in not-too-tight, not-too-boxy for an effortless fit that’s comfortable and sleek.


When you buy one of our limited-run shirts, you’ll get a numbered label. It’s kind of like a membership card into the “only we can wear this shirt” club.