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        Dress Shirts: To Tuck or leave Untucked?

Dress Shirts: To Tuck or leave Untucked?

A good shirt can be worn many different ways for all occasions. With the details that we have added to each style, you’ll look great with your shirt untucked or tucked in. 

Our Hammer Made gusset on the edges of our shirts compliment your ensemble when left out to be seen. If you are dressing up, and tucking in your shirt - our tailored and slim fit styles will help your look appear polished.

Mens Dress Shirts: Tuck or UnTuck?


Here are a few tricks and tips to consider when tucking in your shirt.


Know your shirt.

Make sure the size works well with your look - and doesn’t look sloppy. You don’t want to have too much to tuck in where it will become loose, and you wouldn’t want too little where it would keep coming untucked throughout the day


Length of shirt matters.
A shirt that will look good untucked should let the bottom hem hit your mid back pocket. This is a good measurement to use to make sure it’s the best look for being untucked.


Fabric talks.
Pay attention to the fabric of your shirt - heavier fabrics like flannel or denim will feel more appropriate to leave untucked, while a thinner material like cotton or silk will feel better tucked in.


Recognize the event.  
A business event, fancy dinner, first date, meetings, etc. will probably call for your shirt to be tucked in. This is a classic look that adds a professional appearance to your look for any occasion. When you are relaxing at lunch on the weekend or heading to a party, use your judgement for what event would be more appropriate with an untucked shirt. 


Layer up - or don’t.
Depending on what layers you are adding to your outfit, consider what layers would prompt you to tuck in or to leave untucked. Putting a sweater over your shirt would mean a tucked in shirt, but a t-shirt underneath would prompt you to leave it untucked.

Dress attire can be complicated and frustrating. Never be afraid to ask our team or associates as to how to style your new Hammer Made shirts. Always ask for help!

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