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        Color Matching Style Tips for Men - Hammer Made

Color Matching Style Tips for Men

The colors in a man’s wardrobe can sometimes be complicated and overwhelming when first establishing your basic color palette. Here are a few tips and tactics to follow when looking at simplifying your wardrobe and amping up your style.  

Mens Style Dress Tips

Being aware of what colors mean in your closet, can help you pick out an outfit or accessory for different events. Lighter and darker shades of a certain color can mean different things – for instance blue means peace tranquility while dark blue symbolizes power and seriousness. 


Red = love/lust, strength and danger – best as an accent color for most guys. 

Orange = Energy and Enthusiasm 

Yellow = friendliness – tshirt to the bbq party 

Green = nature and relaxation 

Blue = masculinity (started at birth, boy = blue) confidence, expertise  

Purple = luxury and creativeness

White = simplicity owning a white button up for men is a must and can be the perfect teammate to pull off any of the above shirts 

Grey = intelligence and maturity = pairs well with others

Black = power and sophistication – skyline  

What colors do you currently own?

From neutrals to neons, what colors do you currently have in your closet? Are they casual, business, or both? Fill in the blanks of staple colors such as black, white, navy, brown and grey based off of what you already own. Once you have the basics covered you can pick a few colors that help differentiate you from the masses. 

Best color combinations for men’s clothing

Navy and white. This is a classic sailing style, that allows both colors to pop on their own. The great thing about these colors is that it opens itself up to several pop colors to complement.   

Grey and black. Create a muted but complimentary look by combining this subtle color variation. This is a great staple look for anyone with items that are probably already in your closet. 

Brown and cream. The laid back look of brown and cream is a great option for casual and business looks. Stay in the warm tones to make for a more cohesive look.  


Start by choosing your shirt, from there it’s easy to pick a pant since there are less color options then finally your shoes and accessories. This will make it a faster process, and easier to match.  

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