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        7 Styling Tips for Men - Hammer Made

7 Styling Tips for Men

 At Hammer Made, we prioritize our ability to help our customers find their style, and feel comfortable in their clothes. Here is a list of tips to get you started, but always remember our experts in store and online are here to help.

 7 Styling Tips for Men

Purge Your Closet.

If you are looking at this article, it means you are probably looking to refresh your wardrobe. The best way to start is to get a clean slate. This means keeping the pieces that you wear often and getting rid of the clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year, look overly worn/damaged, or don’t fit you anymore.

Have Your Clothes Tailored.

If it pinches, pulls, comes unbuttoned or doesn’t zip - it’s not meant to be. Getting your clothes tailored to you will not only clear up space in your closet, but will make you look polished and well dressed.

Elevate Your Look With Layers.

Even if you’re not a sports coat guy, give it a try. If not a sport coat, add an additional layer on top, such as a sweater or bomber jacket for an entirely new look. Under layers can include hoodies and polos, these layers add dimension to your style.

Pick Your Colors.

Picking out a few main colors for your wardrobe allows everything to match. Incorporate a few other pops of color or pattern to get a variety of potential looks. Reach for blue, grey, and brown for staple colors.

Pay Attention to How Your Clothes Should be Cleaned.

Cleaning tags are added for a reason. Extend the lifetime of your clothing by paying attention to how to clean them, even if that means a trip to the dry cleaners.

Spend More Money on Less Pieces of Clothing.

Invest in quality pieces for your wardrobe that will last. Don’t waste your money on pieces that you will have to replace before you were able to get your wear out of it. Quality lasts longer than quantity, and you’ll look even better in quality.

Ask for Help.

Refreshing your style isn’t always easy, and can be stressful. Use associates in store for help with choosing colors, patterns, styles and how to match them. We are here to help.

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