“When I was planning my wedding, I discovered pretty quickly that there was a big void in groom’s wear options. You could go the rental route—and share your biggest day with a hundred other guys who wore that tux. Or you could buy a suit off the rack, and feel like nothing special. I thought there’s got to be something better.”

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Jason Hammerberg, Founder

Hammer Made
Knows Weddings

We understand that you’re getting ready for one of the most important days of your life.

We know you want to stand out and look just as good as your bride-to-be (well…almost). We realize you rented a tux for your high school prom and that you want to step it up for your big day.

And so, with an eye for style, quality, and practicality, we’re here for the neglected grooms of the world, offering a painless experience with affordable, customized options and the assistance of a seasoned designer.

One Hour
Groom Fitting

Peace of mind, suave good looks, and a happy fiancé are just minutes away.

- Choose from traditional or creative options.
- Come in clueless or knowing exactly what you want.
- Shop just for you, or outfit all your groomsmen.
- Spend what you want–about the same as a rental, or as much as your bride-to-be.

Call 952-681-2534 to set up a fitting appointment.