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Lynton Swatch

Great with jeans or for business, the "Lynton" shirt is a solid light purple with light blue and light purple paisley and plaid trim.

  • Trim detail on front placket, inside full collar & cuff and inside sleeve placket
  • Tailored fit

This long sleeve button-down shirt is a lightweight cotton fabric. Worn with or without a tie, the hidden button-down collar will stay upright and won’t fall flat throughout the day. Roll up your sleeves to reveal our signature trim on the cuffs which are adjustable to your liking.

  • Machine washable
  • Hang dry


100% Egyptian cotton

100% Egyptian cotton

Hammer Made logo on gusset

Hammer Made logo on gusset

Hidden button-down collar

Hidden button-down collar

Rounded adjustable convertible cuffs

Rounded adjustable convertible cuffs

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