"It's fun to see guys who typically don't get excited about clothing get excited about our shirts.

I love to hear their stories when they come back and tell me all the compliments they received."

- Jason Hammerberg, Founder


"I've always had a strong pull to fashion. Not fashionista trend chasing or the fashion of frivolity — my interest has always been solidly anchored in the under-served area of men's fashion. It started at age 11 and my career launched at age 16. As a teen working for a men's retailer, I realized that the right clothes really could make the man. I saw how something as simple as a shirt could turn a guy into the most confident version of himself.

When I decided to pursue a college education in retail/clothing design, my dad said I spent too much time shopping with my mom and my sister. That may be true; nonetheless, I decided to follow my passion. From there I spent my time designing for niche boutiques and large retailers. Through it all, I saw a gap that wasn't being filled. I knew that most guys wanted the same thing I did: premium clothing without the premium price tags. So, in 2009, I brought together all of my passions, experience, and industry connections to fill that need — and launched Hammer Made.

Tapping into my deep industry connections allows me to create unique, premium and limited-run shirts at affordable pricing. Without these mills and manufacturers believing in Hammer Made for the last six years, we wouldn't be where we are today. I'm grateful to be able to work directly with these renowned partners so I can eliminate the typical markups on designer shirts — without compromising on quality."

— Hammer