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        Dress to Impress This Valentine’s Day + Date Ideas - Hammer Made

Dress to Impress This Valentine’s Day + Date Ideas

Valentine’s day is coming up, and you aren’t going to want to miss our Valentine featured collection! Looking for romantic date ideas for you and your Valentine? We’ve got you covered. Or, if you’re looking for last-minute Valentine gift ideas for him, you’re in the right place. 

In our Hammer Made Valentine’s featured collection, you can dress to impress and leave for your date feeling confident! Make a bold statement in our Euphoria shirt, or leave a lasting impression with our Jubilation shirt. Add a pop of color with our Felix shirt. Whichever shirt you choose, you’ll be feeling confident in our limited-edition Valentine collection shirts. 

Dress to Impress

Euphoria Long Sleeve

In our newest rockstar shirt collection release, the Euphoria long sleeve, you’ll make a bold statement. If you’re feeling like a “rockstar” this Valentine’s season, this is the perfect shirt to take your Valentine out on a romantic getaway or date. If you’re unfamiliar with Hammer Made’s rockstar collection, these cover our creative, bold designs. With only 69 shirts in the Euphoria limited-run design, be sure to grab before it’s gone! 

The Euphoria shirt includes detailed features such as the pink gusset and Hammer Made logo located on the bottom corner of the shirt, detailed pink, blue, purple and black flower printed cotton fabric, spread collar, and rounded adjustable convertible cuffs. The flower theme to our Euphoria design sets the tone for romance, and would be a great addition to your Valentine’s Day outfit.

Felix Long Sleeve

Add a pop of color with our Felix long sleeve shirt this Valentine’s Day! This shirt pairs well with jeans for a casual Valentine’s Day look. Our Felix shirt features a burgundy and purple geometric print with pink trim. The unique gusset contains pink fabric with a blue Hammer Made Logo stitched in the bottom corner of the shirt. Further features include a spread collar, rounded adjustable convertible cuffs, and soft cotton fabric. 

In this limited-edition collection, there are only 73 shirts available. Grab it before it’s gone to complete your Valentine’s Day look! Lastly, each of our unique Hammer Made shirt designs contain high quality fabric that is made in Italy and Portugal. 

Jubilation Shirt

Make a subtle statement this Valentine’s Day with our Jubilation long sleeve shirt. This shirt features a pink micro-pattern with multicolor abstract cloud print trim. Our Jubilation shirt stands out because it is made of 100% Egyptian cotton making it high quality and irresistibly soft. More unique features in our Jubilation shirt include a spread collar, rounded adjustable convertible cuffs, and a bright pink and purple gusset with a light pink Hammer Made logo on the bottom corner. 

Trim detail is included on the front placket, inside full collar and inside sleeve packet. The Jubilation shirt is our most limited-run of our Valentine's Day collection, with only 36 shirts available. Create a balanced creative and simple look to your Valentine’s Day outfit with our Jubilation shirt. 


Valentine's Date Ideas! 

Hand Crafted Cocktails

If you’re looking for a social environment to spend your Valentine’s Day, find a spot with a creative menu of hand-crafted cocktails and appetizers. Spark up some conversations over a cocktail or two with you and your date, or with a group of friends!

Sophisticated Dinners for Two

A high class dinner for two may be the perfect way to treat you and your Valentine this season. A classy and delicious dinner may be the perfect addition to spark romance! 

Sushi Date

If you and your date are sushi lovers, head to the nearest recommended sushi restaurant! Sushi dates can be casual, or, spice it up and order bottle service!

Date Night In

If you and your date are looking to relax this Valentine’s Day, set up a cozy environment at home and order some Chinese takeout or a heart-shaped pizza. Curl up on the couch together, light some romantic candles, and queue up some films!


If you and your sweetheart are looking for a fun date night out, check out the nearest arcade. Dinner for two can also include a couple of drinks and games to play!

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